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Live Webinar: How to Use AWS for Disaster Recovery and Close your DR Datacenter

Maintaining physical Disaster Recovery (DR) datacenters grows more cost-prohibitive each year. By moving your DR data center to the AWS cloud, you enable faster disaster recovery and greater resiliency without the cost of a second physical datacenter.   Join our webinar on March 29th at 9 am PST/12 pm EST and learn:

  • Architecting “pilot light” to “hot standby” DR environments
  • Multi AWS Availability Zone DR strategies
  • What cloud DR offers that on-premises options can’t
  • Lessons Learned from DR implementations on AWS
  • Demo: Building a hot standby DR environment

If you can’t make it, register anyway and we’ll send you the recording and copy of the slides.


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Presenter: Kevin Brown, Senior Solutions Architect, SoftNAS