SoftNAS Documentation

SoftNAS Documentation consists of the Installation Guide and User Reference Guide.  Each document is available in both online and downloadable Adobe PDF formats:

Release Notes

Installation Guide

User Reference Guide

softnas documentation pdf softnas reference guide
Installation Guide (HTML) Installation Guide  (PDF) Reference Guide (HTML) Reference Guide  (PDF)

SoftNAS High-Availability Guide

SoftNAS High-Availability Guide (AWS & VMware) – HTML    Download PDF

SoftNAS High-Availability Guide (Azure) – HTML

SoftNAS API and CLI Guide

SoftNAS API Guide – HTML   Download PDF

Kerberos-LDAP-NFSv4   Download PDF

Download SoftNAS CLI  (zip – 5 KB)

Download PV (paravirtualized) CloudFormation Template for AWS  (json – 5 KB)

Download HVM (hardware virtualized) CloudFormation Template for AWS  (json – 5 KB)

SoftNAS Whitepapers

SoftNAS Architecture on AWS

Implementing SoftNAS Cloud With Docker

SoftNAS Solution Briefs

SoftNAS Cloud and Docker

Unified Shared Storage on AWS

Non-Stop HA Shared Storage on AWS

SoftNAS and VMware Virtual SAN

vSphere Data Protection (VDP) Backup

SoftNAS Datasheets

SoftNAS Cloud for AWS

SoftNAS Cloud for Microsoft Azure

SoftNAS Cloud for VMware vSphere