SoftNAS Support

SoftNAS is dedicated to providing efficient and superior support. There are three levels of SoftNAS support: Bronze, Silver and Gold. By default, support starts at Bronze. When you login to the StorageCenter™ UI within the product, you will be prompted to register to upgrade to either Silver support (at no extra cost) or Gold Support. You can always register later by clicking the “Product Registration” link in the top right corner of StorageCenter. Free Trials (first 30 days on all instances) are eligible for Silver and Gold support. Free Tiers (perpetual free micro instance usage) are limited to Bronze support.

Contact SoftNAS Support

Submit a support ticket here, or read the SoftNAS Knowledgebase.

SupportBronze SilverGold
Software UpdatesMaintenance and Feature updatesMaintenance and Feature updatesMaintenance and Feature updates
Phone SupportNot Available9am to 5pm US Central Time 1-888-801-7524, Option 4 24 x 7 x 365
Online SupportAccess to online knowledge base Access to online knowledge base and case managementAccess to online knowledge base and case management
Phone Response TimeNot Available4 business hours1 hour initial response, priority queue.
Web Case & Email supportNot Available9am to 5pm US Central Time, 4 business hoursPriority response
QualificationProduct subscriptionProduct registration*Support contract and product registration
Product EditionsFree TierExpress, StandardExpress, Standard
Support Contract/Annual Support FeeNot AvailableFree with product registration.Annual support contract. Contact Sales for details.
* Trials and paid usage are both eligible for Silver Support through product registration

  • Silver and Gold Support not available for Free Tiers (micro instances)
  • Product registration through StorageCenter UI
You can log in to your customer account and select “License Keys, Downloads and Support” to access your support services. AWS Customers, please have your AWS Account ID available.

VMware Support Statement

Any time spent on investigation of problems that may, in the sole opinion of SoftNAS, Inc. be related to VMware, will be handled in the following fashion:

  1. SoftNAS, Inc. will provide standard support to all SoftNAS products.
  2. If a problem is encountered while SoftNAS is running in a VMware environment, the client may be required to recreate the problem and demonstrate the issue in a SoftNAS VMware environment, at which time SoftNAS, Inc. will provide regular support.
  3. The client can authorize SoftNAS, Inc. to investigate the VMware related items at normal time and materials rates. If such investigation shows that the problem is VMware related, the client may contract SoftNAS, Inc. to provide a software change to resolve the issue, if such a resolution is possible.
  4. Regardless of the problem type or source, if the problem is determined to be a non VMware related issue – time spent on investigation and resolution will be covered as part of regular SoftNAS maintenance, and support will be provided as usual.