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Today’s high-definition standards within the Media and Entertainment industry require massive amounts of storage capacity. Highly scalable storage solutions are more important than ever. With its flexible consumption pricing and dynamic scaling abilities, SoftNAS Cloud® is an ideal choice to protect media in the cloud.


Highly Scalable

Easy to spin instances up or down based on project need.

High-speed Storage Access

Multi-level caching and S3 block cache enhance read/write performance for high-speed storage access to complete production and post-production of large videos. Read cache can be expanded with S3 or SSD.

Granular Access Control to Data

Comprehensive, robust and granular controls to guard against the risks posed by privileged users and compromised credentials. Integration with Active Directory and LDAP.

Flexible Consumption Pricing

Flexible consumption pricing, so customers pay only for the storage they use on a project by project basis.

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Use Cases


 Corporate Studio Storage

SoftNAS Cloud is ideal for cost-effective video project storage for corporate A/V departments, that require high-speed local department access, and affordable off-site archival and DR protection

Upload On-Location “Dailies” for Central Editing

Download daily video footage to the on-location SoftNAS Cloud and replicate video footage to the central editing room.  

Affordable 4K Studio Storage

SoftNAS Cloud stores and protects raw, edited and produced video and DVD images on premises during editing/production and is replicated off-site into the AWS, Microsoft Azure or CenturyLink Cloud public clouds–or in an off-site VMware datacenter–for archival and DR protection



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