Cloud Disaster Recovery

Turnkey solution for backup and disaster recovery in the cloud


cloud disaster recovery
A comprehensive disaster recovery plan is a requirement for any business. Period. SoftNAS Cloud® provides a complete backup and disaster recovery solution to ensure your production data is never down when failure inevitably strikes.


Continuous Data Protection

Also called real-time backup, SoftNAS Cloud automatically saves a copy of every change made to data, enabling restoration of data to any point in time.

No Downtime Guarantee

With the No Downtime Guarantee, SoftNAS Cloud delivers 99.999% storage uptime service-level agreement  with a money back guarantee. Learn more.

Quick and Easy HA Configuration

With an automated set-up wizard, get High-Availability (HA) with automatic failover–a cornerstone of any DR plan–configured in less than 20 minutes.


With no high up-front equipment costs, SoftNAS Cloud lowers capital expenditure (capex) versus traditional backup solutions. And backup to the public cloud typically is less expensive than operational costs (opex) traditionally associated with maintaining a local datacenter.

Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud

SoftNAS Cloud runs in the most popular public cloud platforms, in your local VMware datacenter, or across both, accommodating your preferred storage architecture.

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Use Cases

DR to Public Cloud

SoftNAS Cloud SnapReplicate™ easily replicates your data from your on-premises VMware datacenter to the AWS, Microsoft Azure or CenturyLink Cloud public clouds for Disaster Recovery (DR). Eliminate tape-based backups by backing up and restoring from the public cloud of your choice.

Continuous Data Protection for Disaster Recovery

For applications that require aggressive recovery time and recovery point objectives (RPOs), SoftNAS Cloud SnapReplicate works hand-in-hand with the highly-available storage architecture,providing the ability to restore data to any point in time.


cloud disaster recovery

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