SoftNAS Storage Solutions

SoftNAS® software-defined storage products flex to meet a variety of cloud and on-premises storage use cases across industries on the most popular cloud and virtualization computing platforms. Built with the belief that flexible storage should be simple yet powerful, each SoftNAS storage solution requires no specialized training or prior storage experience to implement. SoftNAS offers its customers the most flexible set of physical and cloud storage options for a broad choice of cost, performance and scale.

Solutions by Need

SoftNAS software-defined storage products easily scale to fit both unique customer use cases and common cloud storage problems like High-Availability, Cloud Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup.  

Solutions by Industry

SoftNAS storage solutions fit a wide range of companies and industry verticals from SMBs to Fortune 500 large enterprises, from Media and Entertainment to Financial Services, from public to private sector.

Solutions by Partner

SoftNAS flexible cloud storage products run in the most popular public clouds, in your own VMware datacenter, or across both to create a public, private or hybrid cloud solution tailored to your business needs. Support for NFS, CIFS/SMB, iSCSI, AFP with AD or LDAP integration ensures application compatibility.






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