coverage-zuoraJoe Andrews of Zuora discusses how up-and-coming cloud storage companies compete with the big dogs. SoftNAS keeps features and pricing simple, so customers aren’t overwhelmed.

Keep It Simple

Another good way to attract smaller and emerging customers is to avoid confusing them with overly complicated features that may be targeted for larger enterprise customers. One company, SoftNAS, decided to create a simple version of their program specifically for small home businesses. Founding and managing partner of SoftNAS Rick Braddy describes why SoftNAS Essentials works.

Many customers find they don’t need all the enterprise-grade features — like cross-site mirroring, replication, failover, or continuous data protection — available in SoftNAS Professional but they still appreciate SoftNAS’ core features and simple administration interface. With SoftNAS Essentials, IT now has an affordable option available to meet rapidly growing storage demands while staying within or below budget.

By offering a simplified version of their software, this company ensures that businesses will get just what they are looking for, and can easily upgrade as they grow.

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