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Watch SoftNAS™ Overview
Bill Hood (2.5 mins)

Watch SoftNAS SnapReplicate™ Video
Rick Braddy (6.5 mins)

SoftNAS 2.1 Feature Updates
Rick Braddy (45 mins)


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  • SNAP HA – allows non-stop NAS storage availability and easy HA cluster configuration within minutes (with only a few clicks)

  • SoftNAS API and CLI – REST API and Command Line interface to automate SoftNAS administration without the GUI Interface

  • Improved Caching and Performance Tuning – NFS and CIFS performance and throughput tuning for improved read and write caching to increase IOPS

  • NFSv4 Kerberos and LDAP Support – enables application of multi-user security access rights to files and directories managed by the NAS filer

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Why Businesses Love SoftNAS
“SoftNAS has been a savior for our business! After our old storage software failed, our system shut down completely and we lost weeks of time and money. Since switching to SoftNAS, we have been delighted to have a low-maintenance storage system that practically runs itself. The stable and user-friendly SoftNAS software has allowed me to get back to the business at hand and concentrate on customers. As the president of a family-owned business, I need to be able to rely on a rock solid product like this. SoftNAS has truly been a storage solution for Globe.“

-Jess Haupt, President of Globe Products Company

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Reliable, Low-Maintenance NAS for VMware®
Allows Globe to Focus on its Customers and Business

After suffering numerous business impacts due to storage equipment failures, and domain controller downtime due to a severe virus infection, Globe Products finally have a commercial-grade NAS storage and disaster recovery solution in place for their VMware-based IT infrastructure.

Applications like SAP are now running fast and users are happy with performance.
PDF-Download-64x64 Case Study, Globe Products Company (PDF)


Reliable NAS Allows The Street to Move Out of
Own Data Center into AWS Virtual Private Cloud

After suffering numerous outages and business impacts due to shortcomings of clustered file systems, The Street now has a commercial-grade NAS storage and disaster recovery solution in place for their AWS-based IT infrastructure. Applications like Oracle, custom Java, video streaming, Drupal and other line of business applications are now running fast and reliably. In addition, near real-time block replication to a different availability zone provides the disaster recovery and redundancy required. and the company’s other websites and applications are fully operational in the Amazon Web Services private cloud using SoftNAS.
PDF-Download-64x64 Case Study, The Street (PDF)


Our Customers Tell the Stories That Matter Most…

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Heading-Apps-Run-BetterBusiness Runs Better on Fast Storage

Learn more about how SoftNAS makes applications run faster and more reliably

Designed by IT for IT
SoftNAS was designed by IT professionals who needed robust, affordable enterprise-class storage solutions for real-world virtualization and cloud projects…

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IT Working in Data Center
Maximum IOPS and Throughput
Maximum I/O Performance
Get the IOPS you need with RAID disk configurations plus gigabytes of bus-speed RAM caching and optional SSD read and write caching.

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Enterprise-grade Cloud NAS
SoftNAS includes NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, FTP file sharing, with advanced features like remote data center replication, data compression, deduplication, thin-provisioning, automatic error detection and correction and more…

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Enterprise-grade Cloud NAS
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