Why SoftNAS Enterprise for VMware?

Focus on the business at hand and concentrate on your customers and business instead of IT infrastructure. SoftNAS Enterprise provides the performance, reliability and fault tolerance required for mission-critical applications.

You Need:

  • To protect business data in your own datacenter or in the cloud with no downtime, outages or data loss
  • Simple yet powerful storage software on VMware
  • No training or specialized storage skills required
  • On-demand, agile storage
  • To reduce storage space requirements and associated costs
  • To increase application performance and processing speeds
  • API’s and flexible open architecture, so your data doesn’t get locked-in


  • Legacy NAS devices are often loaded with features but require up-front payments, are expensive, require weeks to implement and specialized storage training to install and administer, and the costly maintenance contracts can challenge the IT budget.
  • Economy NAS devices are often lacking in features and can cause significant downtime.
  • Open source storage software may be free, but it is often fragmented by inconsistent developers, is rarely well tested and lacks a true support system.


SoftNAS Enterprise—The No Compromise Safety Net for Mission-critical Data in the Cloud


The #1 Best-Selling NAS in the Cloud, SoftNAS Enterprise is the top-selling software in the storage and back- up category on AWS Marketplace, a leading cloud platform provider. Used by fortune 500 companies, SoftNAS Enterprise is also built upon industry standard Linux and ZFS open source technologies and is brought to you by an experienced management and development team—including a former CTO from CITRIX.
SoftNAS Leadership

Why SoftNAS Enterprise for VMware?

Simply Powerful™—A powerful, full-featured NAS filer.
Non-stop Storage—Delivers 99.999% availability.
Frictionless Experience™—Easy to try, buy and use.
Agile Storage Software—On-demand, where and when you need it.
Data Protection—Offers the most advanced data protection features to keep your
data safe and protected.
Performance & Capacity—Performance-tuned to maximize IOPS and throughput.
Open Architecture—Built on proven, trusted industry standard Linux and ZFS open source platforms, so your data isn’t locked-in.
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Let’s look at these points in depth…

Simply Powerful

Learn MoreWith a powerful and complete feature set, SoftNAS Enterprise protects mission-critical data in the cloud to ensure your business and applications are safe from downtime and data loss.

Unlimited Storage. Never worry about scalability. SoftNAS Enterprise scales into the petabytes.
Storage Pools. Storage pools support aggregation of storage devices, with scrubs and checksums to detect and correct errors. SoftNAS Enterprise supports easy storage pool expansion and allows for storage pool imports and exports.
Storage Volumes. Several businesses require storage space that can support hundreds of millions to billions of files and directories efficiently. SoftNAS Enterprise uses thin provisioning to optimize the efficiency of storage space utilization and allows for billions of files and directories.
VSAN-based NAS Filer. A VSAN-based NAS filer for Private Clouds within HA clusters, leveraging VSAN as HA storage SAN and NAS filer features atop of VSAN, provides large-scale file Windows CIFS and NFS shared storage.
Snapshots. Meet Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). With SnapReplicateTM, manual and scheduled snapshots, provide low-overhead recovery points, writable clones enable efficient recovery from data deletion or corruption events, without restoring backups. RTO of seconds, RPO of hours.
Unified SAN & NAS. A unified storage system simultaneously enables storage of NFS and CIFS file sharing and iSCSI block-based I/O. This system is simpler to manage than separate SAN and NAS devices and meets a broad range of needs and use cases.

Non-Stop Storage

SoftNAS delivers 99.999% availability for non-stop application operation with automatic failover and Hybrid HA technology for non-stop cloud HA across datacenters. And easily perform non-disruptive online storage administration for maximum maintenance agility.

Non-stop Storage Availability and Data Protection. Ensure business continuity. SoftNAS Enterprise delivers Continuous Data Protection through its SNAP HA® feature, which delivers easy cluster configuration and 99.999% availability for non-stop application operation with automatic failover and seamless transfer across controllers within 30 seconds or less without restarting applications and NAS clients, preventing downtime caused by physical or logical failures.
Backup Storage Server. Back your data up faster on-site and ensure it is also stored off-site in the background, within your available backup window. SoftNAS Enterprise can be configured for use as a high-performance backup server for both on-site and off-site backup storage using any VMware server and storage combination, plus Amazon S3 for off-site cloud storage.
Online Array Rebuild. Hard drives break unexpectedly. After a logical or physical drive failure, SoftNAS Enterprise uses online array rebuilding to rebuild data redundancy from parity data on remaining drives, with no storage service interruption or loss of data.
Hot Spares. SoftNAS Enterprise offers spare drive support, so there can be a backup drive waiting “hot” in standby mode for immediate use in case of drive malfunctions.
Async Replication. Data replication is essential to maintaining multiple up-to-date copies of business-critical data. SoftNAS Enterprise uses asynchronous replication to backup and transfer data in near real-time from one controller to another. Asynchronous replication throttles bandwidth usage and is ideal for long-distance data transfers, across regions or data centers. All remote data replication is also authenticated and encrypted for maximum security.

Frictionless Experience

Learn More SoftNAS Enterprise is quick and easy to configure in minutes for IT administrators and DevOps personnel with no specialized storage training required.

Simple Admin Interface. The StorageCenter GUI simplifies storage configuration and administration. The GUI is designed to allow IT professionals—ranging from virtualization engineers, system administrators and even software developers—to use SoftNAS Enterprise with ease. In addition, the SoftNAS StorageCenter HTML5 interface is compatible with browsers running on Windows PC, Mac, iPads, tablets and smartphones.
No Storage Training Required. Most storage systems require advanced user training that can cost hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars and can take up to weeks to complete. SoftNAS Enterprise is intuitive for an IT person and requires no specialized storage training.
Wizards. SoftNAS Enterprise includes easy step-by-step wizards for initial configuration, high-availability (HA) setup and SnapReplicate to manage snapshots.
Console or Command Line. However, for the IT professionals who prefer it or who need to automate certain tasks, SoftNAS Enterprise includes command line options as well.
Dashboard. Monitors disk space, CPU, memory and other resources in one convenient dashboard, including email alerts and notifications. The SoftNAS StorageCenter™ provides complete storage management and administration and is accessible from any mobile device. With the Administrator Applet, configure monitoring thresholds, email notifications, login session timeout, logging levels and other settings.
Systems Management. Systems management interfaces support Linux, provide robust monitoring, alerting and management, using existing management tools and frameworks. SoftNAS Enterprise is compatible with most systems management tools that support SNMP.
Active Directory Integration Wizard. Configures active directory in 7 mouse clicks, providing simple, easy configuration and integration with Active Directory for granular access control using Windows ACLs.
Flexible Pricing Model. SoftNAS Enterprise offers annual pricing to cover steady state production or monthly pricing, so there are no high up-front costs.

Agile Storage Software

Learn More On-demand, where and when you need it, SoftNAS Enterprise is so easy to configure, you will have basic storage up and running in mere minutes. You can run SoftNAS Enterprise in your existing VMware datacenter.

Software. SoftNAS Enterprise is software-based storage that doesn’t require any proprietary hardware. SoftNAS Enterprise is instantly downloadable, quick and easy to implement, uses your existing hardware and software and IT resources.
Private/Public/Hybrid. You don’t have to choose between private, public, or hybrid cloud. SoftNAS Enterprise allows both on-premise and hosted data storage to combine the simplicity and instant accessibility of local storage with the peace-of-mind and infallible protection of off-site storage for disaster recovery and business continuity. Securely replicate data across any platform, data center or cloud.
API & CLI. For programmatic administration and DevOps agile cloud infrastructure, REST API and Command Line interface automates SoftNAS Enterprise administration without the GUI Interface.
Networking. Varied networking options are essential to ensure data accessibility. SoftNAS Enterprise supports a broad range of networking configurations, including 1GB Ethernet and 10GB Ethernet, to ensure data is transmitted at the highest possible speeds.

Data Security

SoftNAS Enterprise offers advanced data protection features, so your data is always safe, secure and available. Additionally, your data can be stored both locally and off-site using highly-durable Amazon S3 cloud disks – even on VMware.

Active Directory Integration. An Active Directory is a centralized and standardized system that automates Windows authentication and authorization. SoftNAS Enterprise integrates with Active Directory to authenticate Windows servers and users, ensuring data access is properly restricted to those who are authorized within the Windows domain.
Large-scale Windows Filer with Active Directory. Supports thousands of concurrent users with billions of files for enterprise-scale file server, VDI user file storage via CIFS/SMB 3.1 protocol. For user home directories, mass storage, 4K and HD video storage and other Windows file sharing needs.
Large-scale NFS Server. Scalability for your business. The Large-scale NFS server supports thousands of NFS clients sharing billions of files, videos and other large-scale file server applications.
VMware Cloud Gateway. Access your data on VMware servers or from the AWS cloud. Amazon S3 object storage with NFS, CIFS and iSCSI access for archival, off-site mass storage and backups.
Encryption. If you choose to replicate to off-site AWS storage, ensure the security of your data. SoftNAS Enterprise enables encrypted S3 storage to be used for secure archiving, backups and low-cost user storage. Data is encrypted at rest and in flight for EBS volumes and S3 backed cloud disks.
File Sharing Protocols. Insecure file sharing protocols can lead to security breaches that could threaten your data. SoftNAS Enterprise prevents security breaches by supporting authenticated file sharing protocols such as NFS, CIFS and iSCSI on AWS to ensure files are transferred quickly and securely.

Performance and Capacity

SoftNAS Enterprise takes advantage of SSD caching for increased performance to support demanding workloads and increase storage IOPS and throughput limits by fully leveraging SSD, and RAID striping.  Deduplication and compression accelerate storage even faster by reducing storage I/O by up to 60%, while also reducing storage costs.

RAID Arrays. RAID arrays allow the balanced storage of redundant data to increase fault tolerance and boost performance via data striping. You can choose any RAID level you need.
Caching. Storage performance can get bogged down processing data from spinning storage media. SoftNAS Enterprise supports as much RAM and SSD caching to significantly increase read/write performance and minimize latency.
Scalable. With block replication, SoftNAS Enterprise scales to handle hundreds of millions to billions of files and directories. Scale into the petabytes of highly durable storage.
Deduplication. Managing duplicate copies of redundant data is a waste of time and storage space. Together, SoftNAS Enterprise and VMware’s vSphere® Data Protection’s patented deduplication technology saves up to 33% storage space vs. other leading backup tools.
Compression. Uncompressed files waste disk space and slow down read/write throughput by requiring extra disk I/O and occupying available cache memory space. By compressing data, SoftNAS Enterprise can save between 20%-60% of disk space, increase read/write speeds, and allow for greater data caching efficiency to improve performance and increase storage density, which helps contain storage growth costs.

Open Architecture

Most storage vendors lock you into their vendor-specific platform using proprietary storage, proprietary hardware and proprietary operating system platforms. SoftNAS Enterprise provides you with a truly open architecture storage solution that’s build upon open source technologies at its foundation—Linux and ZFS, proven open source technologies that have become industry standards. And because SoftNAS Enterprise runs across the broadest range of available cloud and premise-based platforms, you have the ultimate flexibility of where to run your applications and workloads. is everywhere you want to be.

What’s holding you back?

SoftNAS is a small company. Small doesn’t mean unstable. SoftNAS Enterprsie is the market-leading NAS filer in the cloud today and growing rapidly as a successful company. SoftNAS is run by experienced IT and software professionals with decades’ of technology experience, and is built on trusted Linux and ZFS technologies. SoftNAS Enterprise has already claimed a top-selling spot on AWS Marketplace, a leading cloud platform provider. SoftNAS Enterprise is used by the largest enterprises with some of the most mission-critical data and applications around today.
My data is too valuable to be lost. Yes it is, which is why SoftNAS Enterprise is the no compromise safety net for business data in the cloud—with a tested 99.999% availability and hundreds of thousands of hours of production operation with no data loss.
Too busy to learn something new? Your time is valuable. That’s why we made SoftNAS Enterprise so easy to learn and use for IT administrators. Even if you have no storage experience, you will find SoftNAS Enterprise is intuitive and simple to install and configure, usually within 30 minutes or less.

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