SoftNAS Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Use SoftNAS to leverage the full power of your data on Azure, the trusted cloud.
Move, manage, and use your data as you go cloud-first with total control. Start today.

Why Use SoftNAS Cloud® on Azure

SoftNAS Cloud is the leading data management solution for Azure. Choose from premium disks or blobs, or a combination to cost optimize performance. CIFS/SMB with AD, NFS support. Silver support included. Choose HA for our uptime SLA.

How SoftNAS and Azure Help Your Business

Save on cloud storage costs

You’ll save up to 67% on your public cloud storage costs using SoftNAS® SmartTiers™, a patent pending automated storage tiering feature. See how much you can save.

Transfer data faster

Move data up to 20 times faster than TCP/IP network connections, with SoftNAS UltraFast™, a patented network data transfer acceleration feature. Learn more.

Lift and shift business applications

Move application data while keeping data continuously synced, with our Lift and Shift wizard. See how.

Increase data management and control

Use SoftNAS FlexFiles™ Architect, a drag-and-drop user interface and development environment, to design, control and monitor data integration and movement tasks. Learn more.

Get an enterprise-grade virtual cloud NAS

Use a cloud software solution that’s engineered for success, with high availability and great features. SoftNAS Cloud is POSIX-compliant and supports NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, and AFP protocols.

Make data work the way you want it to

Get the best performance and broadest options. SoftNAS Cloud supports nearly 140 machine types and six block and object storage backends across Azure. Learn more.

Choose from among three SoftNAS Cloud edition options – Platinum, Enterprise, and Essentials – that meet your needs. Pay monthly on Azure – or purchase annually directly from us for volume discounts.

Which Solution Is Right for Your Business?

Comparing and contrasting SoftNAS Cloud on Azure versus Azure Files? We can help. Select your desired price and performance.


Capabilities/FeaturesSoftNAS CloudAzure Files
Cost Effective:
Compression (Saves on Storage Capacity Used / Billed)
IncludedNot Included
Deduplication (Saves on Storage Capacity Used / Billed)
IncludedNot Included
IncludedNot Included
Optimum Price / Performance:
Optimum Price/Performance: Choose Best Combination of Compute and Object/Block Storage
IncludedNot Included
Data Protection:
No Storage Downtime Guarantee™ SLA
IncludedNot Included
Instant Storage Snapshots
IncludedNot Included
Rapid Snapshots Rollback Ability
IncludedNot Included
NFS LDAP Authentication
IncludedNot Included
Active Directory Integration
IncludedNot Included
Full Performance, No Burst Limits
IncludedNot Included
Dedicated Storage Throughput Performance
100% Dedicated Included
Enterprise Readiness:
High Performance, up to GB/sec throughput
IncludedNot Included
Migration of Apps Without Rewriting or Re-Architecting to the Cloud
Protects Against Split-Brain
IncludedNot Included
DNS Failover Across Datacenters
IncludedNot Included
Available in all AWS and Azure Regions
IncludedNot Included
REST APIs Available
IncludedNot Included
Cloud Automation Integration (ARM, CFT)
IncludedNot Included
Storage Flexibility:
Unified Storage SAN/NAS (Block and File)
IncludedNot Included
Storage Scaling
Petabytes100 Terabytes

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Resources to Start Your Journey

We’re here to help you learn more about SoftNAS Cloud – and how it can give you a data on-ramp and express lane to the cloud. Learn more.

What Our Customers Say on Azure


Quickly and easily built a new Disaster Recovery platform and attached 100 TB of Azure blob storage, uploading data to this storage array ever since with no issues. Performance has been excellent and the overall cost saves money.
– Dana Wildes, Brainshark


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