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SoftNAS Cloud NAS for Microsoft Azure

The Most Full-Featured, Highly Available Enterprise-Class NAS on Microsoft Azure

SoftNAS Cloud® NAS is a software-defined, enterprise-class NAS virtual storage appliance for public, private and hybrid clouds.

  • 99.999% storage uptime with the unmatched SoftNAS No Storage Downtime Guarantee
  • Multiple file protocols: CIFS/SMB, NFS, iSCSI block and Apple File Protocol (AFP)
  • Scale NAS deployments into the petabytes
  • Move enterprise storage workloads without re-architecting existing applications for the cloud
  • SoftNAS uses Hot Blob Storage, Cool Blob Storage, Premium Disk Storage and Standard Disk Storage


MS azure certified 100x100

SoftNAS has allowed us to move The 3M Cloud Library, from a traditional on-premises datacenter to Microsoft Azure. The product is very user friendly and very simple to implement. SoftNAS has become a crucial piece of our product and a trusted partner.

Steve Thomas

Cloud IS Operations, Bibliotheca

Migrate Data without Re-architecting Applications

Migrate your application workloads and data to Azure without rewriting a single line of code.  SoftNAS Cloud NAS supports NFS, CIFS/SMB, iSCSI and Apple File Protocol (AFP) file protocols.

Enterprise-scale Storage

“Bottomless” storage per instance or per HA pair that can be tailored to your enterprise application and workload. Scales from into the petabytes.

Guaranteed Storage Uptime

99.999% uptime SLA – or your money back. Outages happen in the cloud planned and unplanned. Only SoftNAS Cloud NAS protects your data with region-wide, uninterruptible high-availability, multi-tenant public clouds. Unlike other file storage options on Azure, SoftNAS Cloud NAS has no single point of failure and can successfully handle partial or complete availability region outages.

High-Availability Clustering

With SoftNAS Cloud NAS and Microsoft Azure, storage is always up and running. Get SNAP HA® up and running within 20 minutes.

Lower Storage Costs

New SoftNAS ObjectBacker™ Backend Storage Acceleration with patent pending ObjFast™ technology writes data to object storage up to 400% faster than prior SoftNAS Cloud NAS versions, enabling customers to use lower cost cloud object storage backends (e.g., Azure Blob) with performance levels rivaling that of cloud block storage backends (e.g., Azure Disk).

Full Security of your Data

Encryption of data at rest and data in flight provides 360-degree data encryption. SoftNAS Cloud NAS customers can always be assured that their data is encrypted, secure, and that they are in complete control of their encryption keys.

Federated Active Directory Integration

CIFS/SMB with POSIX filesystem semantics with Windows ACLs for tight Windows domain security, supports up to 3 million Active Directory objects and federated trust, across multiple Active Directory domains.

NFS with LDAP Integration for Granular Security

Ensures your Linux-based NFS clients maintain proper security access rights.

Use Blob Storage as a POSIX File System

Available on all Azure drive types. SoftNAS Cloud NAS leverages Cool Blob Storage, Hot Blob Storage, Standard Disk Storage and Premium Disk Storage allowing customers to tune performance, cost, capacity and protection for different file systems and business use case needs. SoftNAS Cloud NAS performance scales with the instance and storage types you choose. SoftNAS Cloud NAS makes it easy to utilize the various Azure storage types in the backend while SoftNAS Cloud NAS handles all the frontend housekeeping for your applications to work without the need to be rewritten.

Tune to your Performance Requirements

Optimize your cost, performance and data storage needs. Leverage block or object storage via SoftNAS Cloud NAS to optimize your storage cost and performance needs. SoftNAS Cloud NAS offers consistent, high-level performance — regardless of how much storage capacity you use or the type of storage you use. SoftNAS Cloud NAS even allows you to create multiple shares or LUNs, connected to different Azure back-end storage types, in the same instance for serving different cost/performance price points.

Enterprise-Class Data Protection

Fast, easy, reliable. Instant storage snapshots provide deletion-proof file versioning that protects data from corruption, accidental deletion from human error, as well as viruses, malware, and ransomware infections. With weekly, daily and hourly storage snapshots, data recovery is fast, easy and reliable. SoftNAS Cloud NAS provides all these benefits without the need to restore from traditional backups – keeping your business up, running and protected. Block replication further protects your data in real-time by copying data changes to a secondary region, which provides an additional layer of safety for protecting your data, ensuring uptime and maintaining business continuity.

Quickly Recover in Minutes

With SoftNAS Cloud NAS, you have the ability to recover in just minutes. With an instant writable SnapClone™, you are able to get a file share restored and operational without having to restore from backups — which can normally take several hours.

No More Server Sprawl

With Windows file servers, after a couple of terabytes, you have to create new file servers to keep the system stable, adding to costs and server sprawl. With SoftNAS Cloud NAS, you can host petabytes of file storage. Costs and maintenance time and hassles are a thing of the past.

Rapid Time to Value

Deployment of SoftNAS Cloud NAS is fast and easy. SoftNAS Cloud NAS customers, can get the data protection and performance needed in 30 minutes or less – with no training required.

Full File Services Protocol Support

SoftNAS Cloud NAS extends the native storage capabilities of Azure and supports NFS v3/v4, iSCSI, CIFS/SMB 3 and AFP (Apple File Protocol).

Easy to Use and Manage

Fast and simple. SoftNAS Cloud NAS is wizard driven, and the SoftNS StorageCenter™ administrator enables your cloud storage deployments without the need for time-consuming training. Be more productive by getting SoftNAS Cloud NAS for Azure up and running in less than 30 minutes.

Reduce Storage Costs Through Deduplication, Thin Provisioning and Compression

SoftNAS Cloud NAS can minimize storage costs by using storage pools with thin provisioned volumes, which maximizes storage efficiency and minimizes costs.  It’s your choice of how to tune SoftNAS Cloud NAS for your needs.

Seamless Storage

Deploy in any of the following IT environments: public, private (on-premises), or hybrid clouds.

Automatic Drive Sparing and Replacement

Failed drive protection. Supports hot spare storage drives to ensure no downtime due to underlying storage failures. Failed drives are automatically detected and replaced.

Available in All Azure Regions

All Azure regional data centers are supported, matching the needs of your DevOps, Production and QA teams while providing for data regulatory requirements and business continuity requirements.

Instant Writable Clones for DevOps that Reduces Dev and QA Costs

DevOps can make a SnapClone, a writable clones of the original data (which take up no additional storage space), for running Development Engineering and QA regression tests on large data sets making continuous development faster and less costly in the cloud.

iSCSI LUN Support

For Windows clusters, SQL Server backups and other situations where maximum IOPS and flexibility is required.

Apple File Protocol (AFP) Support

SoftNAS Cloud NAS is the only cloud NAS to support AFP, for cloud-based Time Machine backups and Apple file sharing.