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Price/performance optimized secondary storage for cloud backup, disaster recovery and archive

SoftNAS Cloud® Essentials provides files services for object storage, lowering the overall storage cost of secondary data for cloud backup storage, disaster recovery and archive. WIth SoftNAS patent-pending ObjFast™ technology, SoftNAS Cloud Essentials accelerates I/O performance to object storage backends up to 400% faster than before. SoftNAS Cloud Essentials leverages the cost-effectiveness and scalability of cloud object storage as a datastore while presenting applications with standard NAS and SAN protocols—on-premises, public cloud, or hybrid cloud—without modifying existing applications.


Low Cost 200

Low Cost

Reduce the cost for “lazy” secondary storage, making it ideal for large scale archival, backup and disaster recovery workloads.

HA 200

Highly Available

Achieve 99.999% or better uptime by combining replication with the durable object storage and the Dual Controller HA add-on.

Snapshot 200

Snapshots and Rollback

Protecting and recovering your data is easy by creating scheduled or manual snapshots that can rollback your data to a point-in-time—perfect for combating malware and ransomware.

High Performance

Accelerated backend object storage writes, deletes, edits and reads – approaching native block storage performance levels.

Encryption 200


With 360-Degree Encryption, Data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and only the customer possesses the encryption keys.

Multi-Protocol Support 200

Multi-Protocol Support

File access to backend object storage via NFS, CIFS/SMB with Active Directory, AFP (Apple File Protocol) and iSCSI block services.

Storage Elasticity

Grow and shrink your storage requirements on an as needed basis, including thin-provisioning and storage pooling.

Access 200

Access Control

Integration with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP, which provides secure access control to customer data.

File Services 200

In-line Deduplication and Compression

Built-in deduplication and compression provide storage savings up to 43% (varies by data type and workload—with some data sets experiencing even greater storage savings) allowing for a more efficient and cost effective use of object storage.



Lower Cost Storage for Secondary Data

Instead of using expensive on-premises equipment to store secondary or infrequently accessed data, SoftNAS Cloud Essentials is used with on-premises or public cloud object storage backends to lower the cost of backup images, disaster recovery and archival or workloads that do not require high performance block storage.

Ideal Cloud Backup Repository with Backup Software

SoftNAS Cloud Essentials, when combined with backup software, provides a simple, low-cost way for customers to store their backups in public cloud backend object storage.

Reduce Disaster Recovery Datacenter Costs

Disaster recovery datacenter backups and data copies may sit idle for months or years, occupying expensive real estate and incurring high costs for hardware, software, power and cooling. Move your disaster recovery data to the cloud to reduce costs while gaining dynamic scaling and simplifying access for your applications and end users.

Store Secondary Data without Application Re-engineering

Backup and archive software and other third-party applications that create secondary data usually store data as files and do not support cloud native storage. Keep existing processes and software while moving data files to the cloud for offsite protection.

Hybrid Cloud Enabled

SoftNAS Cloud Essentials provides file services across any combination of public, private and hybrid clouds.

Seamless Integration

SoftNAS Cloud Essentials supports popular object storage products, including Amazon Web Services S3, and Microsoft Azure Blob, as well as, additional S3-compatible object storage products often used with on-premises VMware installations.

Highly Durable

SoftNAS Cloud Essentials features, combined with the inherent durability and resiliency of public cloud object storage backends, provide greater uptime than object storage alone.

Rich Data Protection and Efficiency

SoftNAS Cloud Essentials provides compression, in-line deduplication, storage snapshots, writable snapshot clones and thin provisioning.

Use Cases

Basic File Services

If you need self-service data storage access (reads/writes) that uses standard file system access protocols without IT staff involvement, application software, or operating system modifications and also won’t blow your IT budget out of the water, SoftNAS Cloud Essentials may be for you. SoftNAS Cloud Essentials frontends native cloud object storage to store end user data. Customers access the SoftNAS Cloud Essentials environment via standard NAS & SAN protocols, so no changes are needed to the customer’s end user systems.

Basic Cloud File Server

For customers who want to be able to grow or shrink the cloud storage and volumes over the lifecycle of the project and who need a flexible, cost-effective way to allocate the storage on-demand as the project grows, the customer can deploy SoftNAS Cloud Essentials in the public cloud to frontend native cloud object storage, using the Consumption Pricing (Marketplace Metering Service). By deploying two SoftNAS Cloud Essential instances, customers can migrate any cloud storage used in the test environment to the production environment as needed.
With patented SoftNAS ObjectBacker technology, which provides up to 400% faster write speeds, customers can use cloud backend object storage for a more price/performance optimized solution.

Web Serving

For customers who want to move their on-premises web server to the cloud to deliver static web pages and assets from scalable cloud storage, SoftNAS Cloud Essentials is a perfect fit. With SoftNAS Cloud Essentials, the Web Admin can access the storage environment via standard NAS & SAN protocols, so no changes are required to the Web Management Software to access the cloud storage – just like with a traditional on-premises NAS or SAN. to be able to easily access the storage on a frequent basis to update the web pages and other various assets – using standard file system protocols.

Cloud Backup with Fast RTO

Having trouble managing your backup window due to overflowing on-premises data that needs to be backed up? Not satisfied with the performance or reliability of backup up to tape? Do you need to rapidly, reliably and regularly retrieve data from the backup repository?
With an on-premises SoftNAS Cloud Essentials environment, combined with a second SoftNAS Cloud Essentials instance that frontends native cloud storage, high performance backups to local on-premises backup storage can replace tape backups. Data from the on-premises storage is replicated easily and safely to the public cloud environment using SoftNAS SnapReplicate™.

On-Premises Backup Repository

For customers who have lots of data that needs to be backed up but who do not want to use the public cloud as a backup repository, they can run SoftNAS Cloud Essentials on VMware vSphere supported hardware systems. SoftNAS Cloud Essentials runs on any existing datacenter hardware, allowing you to maximize existing IT investments and avoid costly maintenance renewals.

Cloud Backup Repository for Cloud-hosted Data

For customers who have gone “all-in” with the cloud,  SoftNAS Cloud Essentials can set up a server in the cloud to be the storage target for the necessary backed up data. Customers can configure for DR through SNAP HA™ in either a different cloud region/zone or even a different cloud if required (AWS and AZURE or vice versa, allowing them to leverage public cloud for multi-cloud backup and DR scenarios.

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