SoftNAS Cloud NAS Pricing

Hourly On-Demand

1 Terabyte to 1 Petabyte

Run on-demand from cloud marketplaces.

HOURLY From: $ 0.21 /Hour

Annual Subscription

20 Terabytes to 16 Petabytes

For annual and multi-year subscriptions

BYOL $ 0.06 /GB-month
$ 0.01 /GB-month

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SoftNAS makes my life easier because I can create large S3 based disks for storing 10's of terabytes of imagery data with a few clicks. It has greatly simplified my data management tasks.

Tisham Dhar

SoftNAS solved a tricky problem with shared file access. Highly resilient and easy to set up with a support team always there.

Steven Woodward

Very easy to configure when upgrading or migrating data from one host to another onto a different VPC. Makes accessing and backing up data to the cloud painless.

Henry Truong

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