SoftNAS™ Solutions for Managed Hosting Providers

Leverage your existing VMware® environments to offer simply powerful™ software-defined NAS filers to your customers. Through the SoftNAS Cloud/MTSP Partner Program, SoftNAS will help you to generate maximum revenue from your storage infrastructure and give your customers complete flexibility to utilize the type of storage that meets their performance and budget needs.

What is SoftNAS Cloud?

SoftNAS Cloud is a software-defined NAS filer.

What is software-defined storage?

You’re probably familiar with software-defined networking, in which generic routers and switches, controlled centrally by software, replace expensive proprietary network routers and switches. Essentially, SoftNAS does the same for storage. Any type of storage media can be provisioned for shared access with SoftNAS, including: JBOD (SATA, SAS, SSD), VMware virtualized disks (VMDK), a cloud object storage repository such as Amazon S3, or SAN storage. All of these can be combined in the same NAS as unified storage.

How does SoftNAS add value to my managed hosting infrastructure?

SoftNAS optimizes the delivery and consumption of your storage resources as a Service Provider. The nature of NAS provides a broad range of benefits to your customer with the biggest bang for their buck. For example, replication utilizing cloud storage provides archiving, backup and disaster recovery. High availability in a multi-zone cloud environment offers immediate failover. SoftNAS Cloud works with your customer’s private cloud, your public cloud, or a combination of the two. SoftNAS Cloud addresses a vast array of customer use cases. SoftNAS provides a device neutral solution which allows the MHP to expose whatever storage they choose to make available to the SoftNAS instance. It does not require an on-premise dedicated physical appliance or a workstation software client, conforms to UNC path name standards, and gives the customer maximum control over their storage resources. It is the simplest most powerful way to provide NAS storage that will maximize your storage infrastructure ROI and provide the widest range of choices to your customers.

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