SoftNAS Features

Deploy a custom, cost-optimized cloud data management solution to meet your needs for performance, reliability, and cost savings. All major data protocols supported including NFS, CIFS, ISCSI. Leverage block and object storage. Protect your data with 360-Degree Encryption™. Leverage SmartTiers™ to save up to 67% on cloud storage costs. Use UltraFast™ to move your data up to 20x faster over existing connections. Deploy Snap HA™ and take advantage of our No Storage Downtime Guarantee™.

Supports the broadest set of NAS/SAN storage protocols

SoftNAS supports the broadest set of NAS/SAN storage protocols – NFS, CIFS/SMB, AFP, and iSCSI – in a POSIX compliant file system. Cost and flexibility benefits result from eliminating the need to reengineer existing applications and data files for the cloud. Provide the same user experience in the cloud that you have now on-premise. Cut 90% of your cloud migration time and unnecessary costs associated with rewriting or reengineering applications for use in the public cloud.

High Availability

Patent-pending, cross-zone dual controller high availability (DCHA™) and patented SNAP HA® with automatic failover capabilities, meet the most demanding performance and uptime requirements for mission-critical applications and workloads. SoftNAS backs up SNAP HA with a No Storage Downtime Guarantee™ SLA.


360-degree Encryption™

360-degree encryption (at-rest and in-flight) with flexible access control capability, eliminates security holes, enabling you to control and protect your data from leakage and meet compliance and regulatory requirements. Only customers have the keys. Encryption and access controls protect data and limit its usage to approved users using Active Directory or LDAP authorization.


SmartTiers™ is a SoftNAS patent-pending automated storage tiering feature that moves aging data from more expensive, high-performance block storage to less expensive block storage according to your policies, reducing public cloud storage costs by up to 67%.

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UltraFast is the SoftNAS patent-pending technology that accelerates global bulk data movement up to 20 times faster compared to standard TCP/IP protocols. Accelerate transfers of data into, out of, and across private, public, hybrid clouds, and multi-clouds, saving on time and costs.

Lift and Shift

Lift and Shift with continuous sync keeps data up-to-date and usable. Point SoftNAS Platinum edition to existing NAS shared storage volumes, select your public cloud storage destination, and immediately begin moving your data. Use SoftNAS web management console to manage and control data storage and the Lift and Shift wizards to move applications and data fast and efficiently. Continuous sync keeps content up-to-date when aggregating data to the cloud and/or distributing it to remote locations. Automatic restart and suspend/resume ensures bulk data transfer jobs run reliably, while bandwidth schedules enable you to open or throttle network usage.


FlexFiles makes integrating and transforming a range of data possible by leveraging Apache NiFi and a set of pre-built data integration processors. Tackle massively complex data integration projects combining file systems, Hadoop, Redshift, HTTP(S), Web Services, SQL/noSQL, XML, S3/Blog Objects, Custom Data Integrations and more.

Off-the-Shelf Data Integration Processors

Integrate disparate data sources into SoftNAS Platinum edition
with pre-built data integration processors for:

  • Files / Filesystems
  • Hadoop / HDFS
  • Web services
  • XML
  • JSON
  • SQL
  • Objects
  • Text / CSV
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • Mongo
  • Solr
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • JMS
  • Kafka
  • Avro
  • SQS
  • Kite
  • Linux bash
  • Custom
  • Process
  • APIs

Data Pipelines

Create data flow processes to transform data on the fly for:

  • REST: get / put / copy / delete
  • Query / XQuery / XPath
  • Split / merge
  • Parse/extract
  • Convert
  • Hash
  • Encrypt / decrypt
  • Base64 encode/decode
  • Evaluate regular expression
  • Log
  • Modify
  • Route / distribute

Click here for a complete list of the community-supplied NiFi processors.


Patent-pending ObjFast makes cloud backups run up to 400% faster at near-block-level performance but at object storage pricing, resulting in huge cost savings. ObjFast throttles data transfer to cloud object storage so it’s as fast as possible without exceeding the read/write capabilities. Additional patent-pending acceleration technology has been optimized, tested and certified for Veeam Synthetic Full Backups.

Dedicated, Private, Protected NAS Environment

SoftNAS empowers you to create a dedicated, private, protected NAS environment in the public cloud of your choice (AWS or Azure) that is highly-available, secure, and fast. Avoid the latency issues and unreliable performance inherent in shared, multi-tenant public cloud basic file services that can doom cloud projects. SoftNAS allows you to pick the compute and storage options for the optimal blend of price and performance for each workload, application and job to be done. A dedicated, private, protected SoftNAS solution guarantees you have the full spectrum of storage and compute choices to have full control of your cloud environment which helps ensure project success.

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