Webinar: Consolidate Your Files in the Cloud

The following is a recording and full transcript from the webinar, "Consolidate Your Files in the Cloud". You can download the full slide deck on Slideshare.  Full Transcript: Consolidate Your Files in the Cloud Trace Hunt:             Good morning, good afternoon,...

What is Cloud NAS (Network Attached Storage)?

According to Technavio, Cloud NAS is gaining traction in the marketplace. But we still see a lot of confusion when people hear the terms “Cloud NAS” or “Cloud-based NAS”. So what is Cloud NAS? A cloud NAS works like the legacy, on-premises NAS currently in your data center. But unlike traditional NAS or SAN infrastructures, a cloud NAS is not a physical machine; it’s software-based and designed to work in the cloud.

Best Practices Learned from 1,000 AWS VPC Configurations

Missed our webinar on, “What We Learned from 1,000 AWS VPC Configurations?” No worries. Watch the recording of our webinar, access the slides and read below for a word-for-word summary of the webinar. At the end of the summary, we have a link offering a $100 AWS credit to get you started with SoftNAS Cloud NAS on AWS.

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