7 Essential Strategies for Cloud Data Management Success

Cloud migration can be a tricky business. Without careful planning, things can and do go wrong. If you’re in too much of a rush, then you’re liable to skip important steps.

“Through 2022, at least 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault,” according to Jay Heiser, research vice president at Gartner.

Here are seven strategies you must formulate for data management success.

Increase Reliability and Reduce Costs for Cloud Backups with SoftNAS and Veeam

Recently, SoftNAS® joined the Veeam Alliance Partner Program to help joint customers optimize their backup, restore and disaster recovery capabilities by effectively leveraging the public cloud. The solution offers a unique combination of performance and cost efficiency for off-site backups. As more businesses recognize the importance of a viable disaster recovery plan, public cloud platforms have quickly emerged as a great option for storing backups. Not only do businesses today contend with environmental events (e.g. hurricanes, fires) and malware, there is also a demand for data to be available 24×7. These factors prove how important it is for a business to have a copy of their data off-site.

How Can Cloud Infrastructure Help You Stay Competitive?

We’ve become so accustomed to locking in certain functionality when we buy hardware devices that it’s now something we expect to upgrade in the future. Think about your smartphone, your desktops, your cars and all of your datacenter equipment. Even if what you have is still working, but it’s not as great anymore, we either live with it or justify how to upgrade our older, inefficient productivity tools and infrastructure to get the latest capabilities.

Why SoftNAS on AWS?

Why Use SoftNAS on AWS? SoftNAS Cloud® Enterprise and SoftNAS Cloud® Essentials for AWS extend the native storage capabilities of AWS and feature the POSIX-compliant and required storage access protocols needed to create a virtual cloud NAS, without having to...

Why We’re Here

As the founder of a company, it's common to be asked "why did you start SoftNAS?"  People are curious as to what drives a person to start a company, take so many risks and do what to many must seem like gambling with your life and career... Personally, I'm an...

The Cloud’s Achilles Heel – The Network

SoftNAS began its life in the cloud and rapidly rose to become the #1 best-selling NAS in the AWS cloud in 2014, a leadership position we have maintained and continue to build upon today. We and our customers have been operating cloud native since 2013, when we...

New: SoftNAS Cloud Platinum Features Beta

  SoftNAS Cloud® Platinum is an integrated hybrid cloud data product, combining a software-defined, enterprise-class NAS virtual storage appliance; high-speed data transfer up to up to 20 times faster accelerating data migrations, backups and data movement; and data...






Introducing the new SoftNAS Cloud® Platinum Edition.

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