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how to build a hybrid cloud with aws amazon web services

Date: Thursday, May 5th

Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm CST

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It’s not a matter of if you will move your storage to the cloud. It’s a matter of how and when. Gartner predicts 50% of enterprises will be using a hybrid cloud by 2017. If you want to learn how to build a hybrid cloud with AWS (Amazon Web Services), but are having trouble getting started, attend our webinar and learn how to build your own hybrid cloud with AWS, SoftNAS and existing equipment.

In this webinar and demo, we’ll cover:

  • Hybrid Cloud Architecture: Learn how SoftNAS can be installed both in Amazon EC2 and on-premises
  • How To Build a Hybrid Cloud with AWS: Watch us create a hybrid cloud using existing equipment, AWS services and SoftNAS Cloud NAS
  • Best Practices for Building A Hybrid Cloud: Tips and tricks from the SoftNAS team on how to get your hybrid cloud up and running in 30 minutes.
  • How To Backup Your Data with Amazon EBS: Learn how to backup data using Amazon EBS Snapshots, SoftNAS Snapshots and SoftNAS SnapClones

how to build a hybrid cloud with aws

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Joey Wright, Solution Architect, SoftNAS, Inc