Microsoft Azure has announced the release of new managed disks for your Azure VM, and this is good news because the new disks are much larger, much more powerful, and SoftNAS Cloud is market-ready to make the benefits of these new disks available to you.

Larger Azure managed disks

Larger iterations, going up to 32 TiB, have been released in all versions: Standard HDD, Standard SSD, and Premium SSD. The disk size has gone up between 2 and 8x, and IOPS are improved by 2 to 3x. Here’s a look at the specs of the already available managed disks for Azure, vis à vis the new release.

Premium SSD disks

Standard SSD disks

Standard HDD disks

Source: Microsoft Azure Blog

What are the benefits of larger managed disks for your Azure VM?

With Azure’s new enhanced SSD and HDD storage it allows customers to overcome previous capacity and performance limitations. While the Azure blogpost lists out the technical advantages of the new offerings, our technical team adds that it opens up more opportunities for businesses to succeed in the cloud. “Irrespective of your business size, higher IOPS translates to a more performant storage system, which, coupled with an intelligent NAS offering, leads to cost-efficiency,” said Jeff Russo, SoftNAS Sr. VP of Products. “If you’re a large business with high storage capacity needs and defined IOPs workloads, Azure’s new disks along with SoftNAS Cloud will give you the scope to scale effortlessly.”

SoftNAS Cloud supports Microsoft Azure’s new large disks, and is ready to make the benefits available to your business right away.

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