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Who is SoftNAS?

SoftNAS is a trusted provider of high performance cloud NAS, object storage filer, and cloud data management software, that allows companies to migrate their data and applications into the cloud without re-engineering them. Founded in 2012 as a cloud-first software company, SoftNAS has several patents, including one for cross-zone High-Availability and failover, and another one for a congestion avoidance algorithm that accelerates writes to object storage. Many prestigious companies across multiple industry verticals trust SoftNAS with their mission-critical data. SoftNAS provides a frictionless customer experience and is the only cloud software storage company to offer a No Storage Downtime Guarantee™.

What is a NAS?

NAS is a common IT term for Network Attached Storage that enables data and file sharing using popular protocols like NFS and CIFS/SMB. iSCSI is typically associated with SAN (Storage Area Networks). NAS storage systems that support NFS, CIFS/SMB, Apple File Protocol (AFP), and iSCSI are termed “unified” storage. SoftNAS Cloud NAS provides unified storage designed and optimized for high-performance, higher than normal I/O per second (IOPS) and data reliability and recoverability. It also increases storage efficiency through thin-provisioning, compression and deduplication.

What is SoftNAS Cloud NAS?

SoftNAS Cloud NAS is a software-defined NAS filer delivered as a virtual storage appliance that runs within public, private or hybrid clouds. SoftNAS Cloud NAS provides enterprise-grade NAS capabilities, including encryption, snapshots, rapid rollbacks, cross-zone high-availability with automatic failover.

What is SoftNAS Cloud Essentials?

SoftNAS Cloud® Essentials™ provides files services for object storage, lowering the overall storage cost of “lazy” secondary data for archive, backup storage and disaster recovery use cases. SoftNAS Cloud Essentials enables customers to take advantage of the scalability, durability, and low cost of object storage—on-premises, or cloud-based—without having to modify existing applications. Unlike traditional solutions like disaster recovery datacenters and tape backups, SoftNAS Cloud Essentials is more cost effective, durable and data remains readily accessible to users.

Does SoftNAS Cloud NAS provide High-Availability (HA)?

Yes. SoftNAS patent pending SNAP HA® delivers a low-cost, low-complexity solution for high-availability clustering that is easy to deploy and manage.  A robust set of HA capabilities protects against data center, server, network and storage system failures to keep your business running without downtime.

Is management of SoftNAS Cloud NAS difficult?

Not at all!  StorageCenter™  is the easy-to-use intuitive GUI to manage SoftNAS Cloud NAS.  The management software provides simplicity for creating standard mounts including NFS, CIFS, AFP and iSCSI storage volumes, which can pooled into RAID backed arrays to customize redundancy and performance, as well as setting advanced features.

How often does SoftNAS Cloud NAS Replicate?

SnapReplicate™ runs a replication cycle once per minute.  On-demand replication can be triggered through an ad-hoc Replicate Now cycle.

Why is SoftNAS Cloud NAS the best choice?

  • Increase application performance
  • With ObjectBacker™ with patent pending ObjFast™ technology, read/write speeds are up to 400% faster, so employees are happier and more productive, customers are more satisfied, and business runs more efficiently
  • Increase data reliability with multiple layers of protection
  • Protect against ransomware and malware with snapshots and rollback
  • Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP to provide secure access to customer data
  • Quality and multi-layer data integrity built-in – scheduled snapshots, off-site replication, RAID, block checksums, and copy-on-write features
  • Protect business continuity by efficiently replicating critical data off-site
  • Decrease or eliminate downtime using snapshots and rapid filesystem cloning
  • Reduce costs to store rapidly growing data by compressing sparse data and eliminating duplicate data
  • Up to 90% space savings with compression and deduplication
  • Enterprise-class NAS capabilities in a virtual appliance
  • Flexibility to manage your data in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid cloud
  • Simple installation and configuration
  • Your NAS up and running in 60 minutes or less
  • No training required
  • Fast to implement, in as little less than 60 minutes
  • Basic support and upgrades included with all subscriptions
  • 24x7 Gold Support included with all on-demand Marketplace subscriptions of 20TB or greater
  • Proven hypervisor, Linux, ZFS technologies that IT already uses, knows and trusts today

What are the SoftNAS Cloud NAS capacity sizes?

SoftNAS Cloud NAS is available in three performance editions that each come in 7 different capacities. The three SoftNAS Cloud Performance Editions are:

  • General Purpose Edition – balances cost vs. memory and CPU resources
  • High Performance Edition – For read-intensive workloads needing additional CPU cores
  • Extreme Performance Editions – For very demanding workloads requiring thousands of concurrent connections

Performance-tiered editions enable customers to select the optimal price versus performance to meet any workload requirement on-demand.
AWS and Azure marketplace offerings for SoftNAS Cloud NAS are available for capacities of 1 TB, 20 TB, 50TB, 100TB, 250TB,  500TB and 1PB. SoftNAS Cloud NAS for AWS is also available in Consumption pricing.
With support for nearly 140 different virtual machine instance types and six different storage backends across AWS and Azure clouds and VMware vSphere, SoftNAS offers the most flexible and powerful cloud NAS available today.






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