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SoftNAS On-Premises and Public Cloud Software-Defined Storage

Digital transformation is changing the business landscape, with companies leveraging data to increase operational efficiencies, focus marketing efforts, and create products that align with customer preferences.This digital transformation requires new levels of speed and agility from IT. Not only are businesses competing with traditional competitors, but they also compete with new startup companies built from the ground up to maximize on the latest digital innovations. New approaches must be taken in the deployment of both hardware and software technologies to thrive in the era of digital transformation. Software-defined storage (SDS) and the cloud are two approaches that assist data centers in storing the deluge in new data and leveraging the information for business advantages. This impact brief explores if SoftNAS can marry these two technologies to the benefit of IT operations.

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SoftNAS to Manage MagHub’s Shared Storage Environment

Operating a media company today means generating massive amounts of data, storing it and making it accessible to consumers, employees and partners. If the right storage system is not put in place by a particular organization, accessing the data can be a problem that can potentially be the downfall of the company. Before it gets to that point, MagHub, a publishing software used by magazine media companies to improve their business operations, announced it has selected SoftNAS to bring the hundreds of publishing customers around the world to a common storage environment.

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