The SoftNAS® Mission

To solve the biggest obstacles to cloud adoption including loss of data control, and the inability to fully integrate and utilize data.

What We Believe

Data is the DNA that makes every business unique and is one of the most valuable assets a modern, automated business owns today. In the near future, the majority of data, IT applications, business automation workloads, IoT devices and SaaS applications will either be running in the cloud or connected and spread across multiple clouds. Businesses need to control any data, on any cloud from anywhere to quickly meet their needs. They demand a powerful, flexible solution to fully leverage their data DNA within the cloud that is not only fast and cost-effective, but that doesn’t require rewriting or re-engineering applications for the cloud.

What We Do

SoftNAS Cloud® connects organizations applications and data to the cloud, acting as a high-speed data on-ramp.

About SoftNAS

SoftNAS Cloud® is cloud-native software for controlling and managing virtually any type of data. Based on the rock-solid OpenZFS file system, Apache NiFi, and numerous other state-of-the-art technologies, SoftNAS Cloud is private, dedicated and highly-secure – not multi-tenant or shared like other public cloud file services. SoftNAS Cloud provides the ability to rapidly configure and customize cloud data storage environments, project by project, for optimal price and performance.

Meet Our Leadership Team

The SoftNAS leadership team has built out the innovative, market-leading SoftNAS Cloud solution suite, developed partnerships, and scaled global businesses. Learn who’s
who at SoftNAS.

Meet Our Board Members

SoftNAS is pleased to tap the collective expertise of its board of directors. Our board possesses exceptional business, financial, legal, and technical acumen that helps SoftNAS shape its strategy.

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Learn how SoftNAS Cloud helps enterprises go
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