SoftNAS Cloud for AWS

– Software-based NAS Filer

– NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, AFP protocol support

– Cross-zone High-availability

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  • Safely migrate your data without a physical storage appliance. 
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SoftNAS for Service Providers

– Multi-Tenant, Software-Defined NAS Filer

– iSCSI and Object Storage

– Consumption-Based Pricing

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On-Premises NAS to Cloud NAS Migration

-End Maintenance Renewal Contracts

-Unplug your On-Premises NAS

-Full-Featured, Enterprise-Class NAS

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what is cloud nas

What is Cloud NAS?

A cloud NAS works like the legacy, on-premises NAS currently in your data center. But unlike traditional NAS or SAN infrastructures, a cloud NAS is not a physical machine – it’s software-based and works on public, private and hybrid clouds.

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Cloud NAS Filer for AWS, VMware, Microsoft Azure and CenturyLink

SoftNAS Cloud is a software-defined, unified NAS/SAN storage solution for businesses that need powerful, frictionless and agile storage.  SoftNAS can run on-premise in your existing infrastructure on VMware ESXi, in the public cloud on AWS, Microsoft Azure or vCloud Air, or across your on-premise datacenter and public cloud as a hybrid cloud. SoftNAS scales efficiently to hundreds of millions to billions of files. Highly redundant, SoftNAS ensures you always have a failover plan to avoid downtime. Dedicated to eliminating customer friction, SoftNAS provides tools for administrators and developers that make powerful storage capabilities easy to deploy and manage. If you’re looking for a reliable, flexible software-defined Cloud NAS filer with no high up-front costs, try SoftNAS today FREE for 30 days.

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