What Customers Say…

“We have two hundred million files and directories on SoftNAS – still going strong!”“Very easy to use product, very stable and solid”

“We can share CIFS and NFS and its so easy to use compared to our old NAS”

“Easy to configure, great documentation with the product”

“SoftNAS has been a savior for our business! After our old storage software failed, our system shut down completely and we lost weeks of time and money. Since switching to SoftNAS, we have been delighted to have a low-maintenance storage system that practically runs itself. The stable and user-friendly SoftNAS software has allowed me to get back to the business at hand and concentrate on customers. As the president of a family-owned business, I need to be able to rely on a rock solid product like this. SoftNAS has truly been a storage solution for Globe.”

“The GUI is so much easier and better than the other products we tried before we chose SoftNAS…”

“SAP finally runs fast, like we think it should have for the past 10 years…”

“Our customer was able to move their big legacy applications into the cloud on EC2 using SoftNAS…”

“I like the dashboard, like EMC we’re used to using.”

“SoftNAS does everything we need.”

“We’re very happy. We use SoftNAS for our web applications on Amazon EC2 in development and production.”

“After outages with <another company’s product>, we ended up with a new CTO. Our new CTO found SoftNAS for Amazon EC2. I got SoftNAS up and running on EC2 – it’ great. We’re using RSYNC to migrate our data from <another company’s product> to SoftNAS. SoftNAS does everything we need and we get the rapid, professional kind of support we expect…”

“It’s been very reliable”

“Does exactly what it says on the website…”

“We’re using SnapReplicate and DNS with a 5-minute TTL for failover to another EC2 availability zone”

“We have 12 workload instances over NFS to SoftNAS. We’re using SoftNAS with RAID-10 on Amazon EC2 to get the redundancy and read/write IOPS we need to run Oracle, Java applications and streaming video…”

“I like the Dashboard, which provides exactly the information needed – just like we were used to with EMC”

“We like the admin console – gives us a lot of control”

“We like the fact that it’s a software-only solution, so we don’t get locked into any vendor hardware with our data”

“Provides various levels of RAID capabilities, unlike what we get from cloud storage”

“The ability to recover quickly or just power up in Amazon’s cloud to continue running our business is key”

“We like the ability to multi-mount NFS across many Amazon EC2 instances”

“Based on ZFS, fantastic!”

“I was able to quickly learn the GUI – it is pretty intuitive… which is great”

“We’re a manufacturer, so money is tight. The lower cost and pay as you go pricing is just what we needed”

“We can use this to move our Exchange Server into the cloud on Amazon EC2…”

“Our Big Data files are now compressed by 91%, saving space and enabling us to replicate and share our analysis results over the Internet”

“My boss likes the flexibility to re-use existing equipment by adding disk storage and use off-the-shelf servers”

“We consult with small business clients, mostly 25 to 200 employee companies. This is perfect for them…”

“Using the GUI only I was able to set up some drives and configure NFS without much effort. I then shared the NFS with ESXi in about an hour”

“I like the pricing… other products assume you live in the Lost City of Gold!”