At SoftNAS, we believe that storage can be both powerful and frictionless.

SoftNAS is a storage software company that manages mission-critical data for virtualization and cloud computing. SoftNAS offers powerful, frictionless storage software as a service products that combine cloud and on-premise data onto a unified storage operating system. It is fast, reliable, easy to access and use, and works with the most popular cloud computing platforms – Amazon EC2, VMware®, and Microsoft® Hyper-V®.

Similar to legacy Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances employed by the largest corporations in the world, SoftNAS offers the first IT-friendly, on-demand network attached storage system that runs both in the cloud and on-premise as software-as-a-service (SaaS).

SoftNAS™ LLC is a privately held software company, with headquarters in Houston, Texas.


About the Product

Invented in 2012 by Rick Braddy, a former CITRIX Systems CTO and BMC Software Internet architect, SoftNAS has become the #1 best-selling NAS in the cloud.

SoftNAS provides the foundation for enterprise cloud computing – mission-critical data – onto a powerful enterprise-grade storage platform, making data access reliable, highly available and on-demand, regardless of where the data lives – in the cloud, on-premise, or across both.

The SoftNAS product line addresses the unmet needs of businesses and government agencies for private cloud, hybrid and public clouds.


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